New CEO named for parent of sausage company Johnsonville

The board of directors of Johnsonville Holdings Inc., parent company of 74-year-old Sheboygan Falls-based sausage company Johnsonville LLC, has elected Michael Stayer-Suprick to succeed Ralph C. Stayer as its next CEO.

Stayer-Suprick is the son of Johnsonville Holdings chairman Ralph C. Stayer and grandson of company co-founders Ralph F. Stayer and Alice Stayer.

“Over the last several years, Michael has demonstrated leadership strengths and a commitment to developing our members while growing this business,” Ralph Stayer said in a press release this week. “I’m proud that he will continue the family legacy and place us in a position to succeed now and in the future.”

Stayer-Suprick is currently the president of Johnsonville’s international business. In his additional role, he will help lead the overall investment strategy and direction of the family enterprise that includes Johnsonville LLC.

In February, Shelly Stayer, Ralph C. Stayer’s wife, was named chairman of Johnsonville LLC, succeeding her husband in that position.

Johnsonville is a national brand of sausage products that has approximately 2,000 employees. It is the sponsor of the Famous Racing Sausages at Miller Park.

David Schuyler, Milwaukee Business Journal

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