Sprecher Root Beer ranked best root beer by Tasting Table

Tasting Table, a national food and drink website, named Sprecher Root Beer as the best root beer out of 19 throughout the country.

Some of the other top root beers included Bulldog (No. 2), Hank’s (No. 3), Saranac (No. 4) and Boylan (No. 5).

Tasting Table cited Sprecher’s fire-brewed process for making its famous root beer, calling it “the honey-sweetened and malted root beer nectar of the gods.” References were made to the root beer’s cameo on FX’s show “The Bear.”

“It makes use of honey and maltodextrin under more standard sweetener to give this brew a truly wonderful topography of flavors hosting a flora of foam. Rich and creamy were devised as words to accurately describe this soda,” Tasting Table wrote.

Tasting Table judged the root beers based on a variety of characteristics including creaminess, spiciness, sweetness, head, fizziness and bite.

Sprecher Brewing is based at 701 W. Glendale Ave. in Glendale.

Margaret Naczek, Milwaukee Business Journal

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