Middle & High School Pathways

With nearly half of our existing working population due to retire, ensuring there is a pipeline of talent for the food and beverage industry is more important than ever. Additionally, talent is required if we are to double our food production by the year 2050 to feed a global population of 9.7 billion.

Inspire the next generation of talent into the career-making possibilities of our food and beverage industry with these resources.

Printable Resources

Our Career Pathways brochure was designed to illustrate the opportunities, needed skills, and expected wages of industry careers from farm to factory to fork. Geared toward both students and existing industry employees, this accessible handout proves that your industry experience matters. Working on the farm, flipping burgers, or waiting tables can lead to lifelong careers in the industry.

The Our Food Activity Guide was designed to introduce students to the process of product development to heighten their participation in the Farm-Factory-Fork Discovery. Students will learn what it takes, and who it takes, to bring a successful food or beverage product to market. From farm to factory to fork, professionals grow, process, package and deliver food that feeds the world. Students will learn how to adapt product concepts and processes to meet consumer preferences for better food and drink.

Our Careers Infographic was designed to help us all communicate the employment and lifelong career opportunities the food and beverage industry has to offer talent today. Customize and reproduce copies for your company’s use at career fairs, trade shows, and at your place of business – in the lobby and with your employees, customers, and consumers. Simply download and create a two-sided handout for your company. 

Career Videos
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