— Brian Durst, Chairman & CEO of Tribe 9 Foods

— Brian Durst, Chairman & CEO of Tribe 9 Foods

Kristina Nosbisch, Direction of Operations at Rebel Green


Food and beverage becomes a priority

The Milwaukee 7, the region’s cooperative economic development organization, identifies food and beverage manufacturing as a targeted industry — or “cluster” — for regional economic growth.


The network gets the go-ahead

The first iteration of our Leadership Council, called the Milwaukee 7 Food & Beverage Advisory Council and consisting of food and beverage company owners, presidents, CEOs and stakeholders, hosts an exclusive gathering in the caves of Miller Coors. They give the green light on forming a food and beverage business network to share their vision for the industry and the region.


FaB Milwaukee is born

With a goal of making the Milwaukee region the best place to locate and run a food and beverage business, FaB Milwaukee is established.


FaB goes statewide

Our name is changed to FaB Wisconsin to encompass the strength of our industry across the state and expand our reach.


Accelerating the industry

The FaBcap Accelerator is launched, providing fifty food and beverage entrepreneurs with crucial business coaching and capital from 2015-2020.


Reaching the next generation of talent

Developing career pathways for high school and college students — a cornerstone of our work — is put into action with our Farm-Factory-Fork Career Discovery.


Food safety becomes top of mind

In response to a member need for accessible and affordable (not to mention FSMA-compliant) food safety training, we develop the FaBsafe Certificate® program.


Business assistance gets accessible

The FaBricator Program is developed to connect our members with best practices and resources in HR, food safety, operations, sustainability…anything!


FaB celebrates 10 years

A decade of supporting our members and making Wisconsin a networked place to grow a food and beverage business and industry career is commemorated.


July 5, 1994

Amazon is born

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Feb 2, 2020

Amazon Prime debuts

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Jan 31, 2021

Amazon acquires Audible

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Jul 5, 2022

Amazon Kindle For Books

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Mar 22, 2011

Amazon App Store Launched

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