FaBsafe Certificate® for the Industry

Industry Course: $99

Certificate earned is valid for one year. Only one course may be purchased with a single email address. If you would like to purchase multiple courses, email Emily at eallen@fabwisconsin.com.

FaBsafe offers the Food and Beverage Industry basic food safety training to comply with FSMA. From the C-Suite to the plant floor, from temporary to contract workers, FSMA requires that all persons in a food or beverage manufacturing facility (regardless of position) have documented food safety training. Individuals must receive training in the principles of food hygiene and food safety depending on the food facility and the individual’s assigned duties.

FaBsafe offers a foundation of training and an annual renewal to assist in your compliance.  A FaBsafe Certificate® does not replace training specific to the food or beverage manufacturer you work for, but does offer a foundation of food safety training that may be applied to any food or beverage manufacturing environment. 

This course includes nine modules, followed by a quiz to receive your certificate of completion: 

  • Module 1: Food Safety is the Law
  • Module 2: GMPs – A Prerequisite to Food Safety   
  • Module 3: GMPs in Action – Buildings, Facilities & Grounds  
  • Module 4: GMPs in Action – Employees & Personal Hygiene 
  • Module 5: Foundations for Food Safety – Prerequisite & Preventive Controls Programs 
  • Module 6: Controlling Contamination Sources – Sanitation & Environmental Monitoring 
  • Module 7: Food Safety Plans – Hazard Analysis and Other Requirements  
  • Module 8: Regulatory and Customer Compliance – What if something goes wrong?  
  • Module 9: Putting It All Together